Amenities Reservation Process

Use this page to reserve a time for the Lodge at Giant’s Ridge amenities. Multiple reservations can be made. For any additional questions, give us a call at 218-865-7170

Dining & Bar Service Reservations:
Call 218-865-7170

Restaurant Service

  • Groups limited to 6
  • Reservations for 1-hour
  • Max seating of 30

Bar Service

  • Beverage service only. No dining at the bar.
  • State restrictions to 2 per 6ft
  • Reservations for 1-hour
  • Max seating of 10 people

Pool & Arcade Reservations:
Contact the Front Desk


  • Reservations can be made upon check-in at the front desk, one reservation per day per guest room
  • Pool agreement must be signed & on file at the front desk
  • Reservations are for 45-minutes
  • Pool area capacity 20 people
  • Masks must be worn if not in the pool
  • Pool will be closed for cleaning for approximately 15 minutes after a reservation has ended

Arcade (CLOSED)

  • Max capacity of 15 people
  • Please check with the front-desk before entering the Arcade
Review Pool Agreement

Agreement Available at the Front Desk.
You do not need to bring this with you.
The attached PDF is for review only.